Monday, January 9, 2017

Death is not an accident

I've continued onto the same book Revolver. I haven't gotten much time to read due to appointments, work, and personal reasonings, so I haven't reached much further in the book than last time. I do wish to finish it but I highly doubt that it will be happening any time soon.
  Recently I looked back onto a section where the father of Sig mentioned about being cautious on the ice and it really got me curious. The section stated, "A gun is not a weapon, It's an answer. It's an answer to the questions life throws at you when there's no one else to help." In my previous blog I mentioned how the father, Einar, had crossed a weak path of ice leading him to fall in the water and freeze to death. It mentions that Einar knew that the path he had taken was weak and very dangerous. Is it not kind of peculiar and suspicious that Einar mentioned the gun quote and then not to long later, he takes the more dangerous path home. Although this path was dangerous, it was also a much quicker way to come back home from the town , but Sig's father always said to take the much longer way because it is not worth the risk and scare. So if that's the case why did Einar take that path, why didn't he follow his own beliefs, and face that he has to ride the much longer way home even in this weather because of the risk's he would be taken. Was he trying to get home or was he trying to end a life that endured pain, and by doing that did he purposely take the more dangerous route to make it seem like an accident and not like a suicide? That quote mentioning guns and the power they have when a person's life is being in question makes me believe that his death was not an accident nor a coincidence.
Therefore all this suspicion is making me very anxious and encourages me to read more and more in my free time!

Hooked on curiosity.

  I actually have been reading and enjoying it. I've been reading outside of school more than in school because I haven't found time for it besides the twenty minutes we read during english. The most recent book i've begun to read is Revolver.
Although i've only read about 30 pages of this book, I am already very intrigued. It is filled with suspense and curiosity. The book starts off with a normal family with what reads out to seem like a setting of a ice cold area with and iced over lake just a few yards from the families house. As Revolver continues it explains how the father of Sig dies from walking over a thin piece of ice, tries to pull himself up , and eventually freezes to death. Sig and his family are mourning, and eventually go into town to get some help. Next is my favorite part i've come too so far,  a man shows up at the door asking for his father. Sig avoids bringing up the fact that he is dead and moves on to say, "No, he's not here. He'll be back."  This specific section immediately hooked me into the book. It brought curiosity and made me very anxious to see why he is so concerned where his father, why he needs him, and why does he have a revolver with him?
   I usually am very quick to drop a book if I am not hooked very quickly because I am very impatient. So I am very pleased to say I found Revolver because it interest me with the genre, as well as the intensity and suspicion.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Cat Connection

Hello! Lately i've been slacking on my reading, but that's no surprise. I haven't read any books that aren't mandatory. I've been very busy and haven't gotten a chance to read in my spare time lately either. My goal of 5 books each 9 weeks is slowing down drastically but I plan on picking it back up!
   The first book I've began to read this nine weeks is A Thousand Splendid Suns.  Although i've read very little I can understand a petite of the section through personal experience as I can with most of my other blogs. In the novel a lady named Mariam was having over her mother (aka nana) over. As Mariam was fetching for her Nana's mother's chinese tea set, it had slightly slipped from her fingers just as a sand would fall through your phalanges. Her mother was not just devastated but more disgruntled than anything. After all the chinese tea set was a hand me down from her Nana's mother who had passed away when she was only two. This piece was not just a tea set to Mariam's mother but a part of her mother she could hold on to for the rest of her life and it had vanished from her with the blink of an eye. Nana had acted by calling Mariam a "harami," (bastard), and pulling her close by clutching onto her wrist very tightly and strongly. Mariam thought she was being over the top with how she dealt with it. 
   A category of people may agree that she overreacted in this situation, and others may say not; picture that as if your most prized possession was taken from you with the snap of a finger without even warning. How would you feel? Now, I know how I would react because it nearly happened to me. I have a cat named Bleu. He means the world to me and most people see it as kind of silly with how much I care for him, but he is just the best. He sleeps with me, lays on my chest while he sleeps, and even tries to get my attention as i'm on my phone by squeezing his head between my hand and the phone. One night when I was about to go to sleep I heard screeching coming from outside only to find that it was my cat making such a loud noise.  I ran downstairs and Bleu was seconds from being taken by a bobcat.
   Overall a memorial object animal, or thing can create an insane reaction so don't judge unless you know.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Loving yourself is more important than someone loving you.

Reading has became easier and I became...I guess you could say more fluent in reading. My goals have been almost completely reached. I have finished my non-fiction as well as my past book I was reading which was Perks of being a wall flower.  I've currently been reading about over 100 pages a week.  I have over came my reading goals drastically! Although i've gone over my goals I don't believe they will continue at this rate considering of my upcoming events. Anyways continuing with my currently reading I would have to say it is by far the best book I've read in awhile!

Milk and Honey  is a book of poetry describing a series of the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing. It goes into depth of many situations I can easily relate to the section of "The Breaking." There is a quote that I can understand where she is coming from when it reads, "i didn't leave because i stopped loving you, i left because the longer i stayed the less i loved myself" (yes the "i's" are not capitalized). In this component of the story she is explaining about how she is in love with this man, but as time passed with him their time together was constant arguing, fighting, and pettiness over a multitude of things such as: who was suppose to turn the lights off first, or who was suppose to put the pizza in. These troubles led to non-communication and ending and beginning the day with an "I love you," and nothing else except silence and stares. I can easily relate to her feelings when she stated she stopped loving herself so she had to get out. I was in a 2 year relationship with a boy who made me feel worthless and as if he was the only one and thing in my life that could bring me happiness which led to constant fighting as well as non-meaningful and fake "I love you's"  This shifted into me losing self esteem and having no self love. When Rupi stated this she began to realize the same thing I was realizing; My life and love for myself is more important than some boy who makes me feel hated, and the only one way to make this situation better is to walk away. So as Rupi states that, the love for the man will remain with her and in her heart, but it's time to think of herself for once in the relationship.

Overall, Milk and honey   isn't just a book explaining a story of a young girls life, it's multiple life lessons that can be taught and shared with everyone.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

First comes comfort..

I surprisingly have read a decent amount for myself! There are some times that I didn't take advantage of  reading, but I am progressing with reading compared to when I last blogged. Currently I am reading The Perks of being a Wallflower.  Although I do not like the format of this book (it is set up like a diary) I overcame that and now seem to fairly enjoy it.

One section in particular I would like to bring up is on February 15, 1992 after Charlie was dropped off by Mary Elizabeth at his house and came upon his sister bawling in the basement. After multiple attempts of asking her if she was okay his sister yelled, "CHARLIE! SHUT UP! OKAY?! JUST SHUT UP!" After this he turned the other way to walk away, and at this moment he was grabbed by Candace for a hug and comfort. I really enjoyed reading this because it was easily relatable.  For example I could even relate to this section because in some situations you need to broken down and feel like they actually care to be there and listen to the issues or problems you are going through, and what better way to show that than a big hug. In the situation Charlie simply just went up to her and asked, "Are you okay?" There was no comfort in that or truly a show of care. It more seemed like he was asking it just because it was the polite and respectful gesture to do, but when he was grabbed for a hug it gave Candace a sense of trust and care. That was the moment where she opened up to Charlie about being pregnant.  

So overall when you or if you come across a situation like this, proceed with comfort first and than questions or statements such as, "Whatever you are going through remember in the end everything will be okay." Sometimes giving them a reassurance is better than being questioned about you're well being. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Get to know me and how much I do not read!

     So,  I don't read much, but when I do it has to be an absolutely amazing, interesting, and suspenseful book. Hello! My name is Jessica; some people call me Jess or Jae. If I could choose to read or really anything else, I would choose anything else. I enjoy more physical activities. I read only when mandatory and forced to when my grade depends on it.  If you've ever gone to the beach and you've seen someone reading a book peacefully, that's not me! I'm the one either in the ocean or doing something useful with my time. I've never written a blog before and I would've never made one if it wasn't for this English class. These reading goals are new to me but some of them are five books in this nine weeks, 100 pages a week, and 15 pages per-minute. The five books include "Lord of the Flies," and the two AP books expected to read.  Overall that is pretty much you need to know about me as well as my reading goals!